21st Century Enlightenment

The biggest thing I take from this video is the idea that empathy is equally important as logic and reasoning. While we clearly are at an informational age, it requires well-intentioned framework trying to incorporate these ideals through employing the information. This raises an even bigger question; how? It seems to border on the lines of Marxism in terms of approaching solutions. There is a quote from Robert Kegan:

Successfully functioning society with it’s diverse values, traditions and lifestyles requires us to have a relationship with our own reactions rather than be captive of them. To resist the our tendencies to make right and true that is which is merely familiar and wrong or false that which is only strange.

I could live by that passage. Whether we agree on a working principle based on its efficiency and not its detailed workings is still a debate I would gladly be a part of. But short term planning, just like the narrator pointed out, is still our vice. Which reminds me of something I read last week. “The reason the Catholic church prevails for so long is because it thinks in centuries.”

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