Brave New Joker

I got this off a reddit post. It’s written as the birth of the Joker set in the novel Brave New World. One of my favourite pieces of writing.

“They kept telling me ‘everything was going to be alright'” she said as she was handed another soma. A look of expressionless tranquility ran across her face, it started in her eyes and she broke the silence once more. “I don’t know what I was so worried about,” she said. “everything is going to be alright.”

I was born an Epsilon. I trust in Ford that I am where I am because of who I am. I’ve been told I am not the brightest, or else I would be a Delta…I was told if I didn’t worry s- pause takes out a orange RX bottle …They told me that it was fine. They told me one of these will keep me perfectly efficient; like the model T. In Ford I trust.

My name is James. I am an Epsilon. I work hard so that Gammas can work harder. Everything going to be alright if I just follow Ford. Last time I went to refill my soma the Betas called out my name and asked for me to come over to them. I complied, and walked over briskly

“Epsilon 80010, you have exceeded expectations,” Said one of the Betas. “You would do well to be rehabilitated for Gamma duty”
I was worried. I checked for my soma, but it was empty. That’s when it started.
“Epsilon 80010, if you are willing to outfit yourself to the Gamma quarters we can begin transition as soon as possible”

I became anxious. I wasn’t happy. My life was changing. The model T did not change. Why should I? What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I stay here? I was lost in my thoughts. The Beta noticed me shaking and grabbed my arm. Then it happened. I couldn’t stop him.

An alpha, the greatest grandson of Ford himself stepped in. He gave me a soma- at least I think it was. It was blue and white.
“Here” He said turing to the Beta “I see you are preparing this Epsilon for his transition to the Gammas. This is highly unusual.”
“I agree sir.” The beta muttered

I put the pill in my mouth
“Why haven’t I been informed?” questioned Alpha ford.
And swallowed. My mouth was dry. I could feel it go all the way down into my stomach.
“Sir, you were not deemed necessary for the maximum efficiency of this move” explained the Beta, “He is one epsilon. You should attend to your duties as the alpha you were created to be”
“You’re right Beta.” Sneered Alpha Ford, and he walked away. He glanced at me as he was walking, smiling. I was worried.

everything is going to be alright

I followed the Beta to the Gamma quarters. Not a single Gamma spoke to me. The beta explained it was because my former Epsilon self would inhibit seamless social activities. He recommended I go to sleep and wait for the morning. I didn’t understand, but obliged him.

The next morning I woke up. I could feel the colors on the wall. I could taste the sunrise. It felt different. In a panic I went for my soma, only to find an empty bottle. This wasn’t good. Everything was going wrong.

The next morning I woke up. I could feel the colors on the wall. I could taste the sunrise. It felt different. In a panic I went for my soma, only to find an empty bottle. This wasn’t good. Everything was going wrong.
I raced to the commons to solicit any soma from any gamma. Shunned, and unfamiliar, dozens of Gammas began to open a whole for me until I was surround by 50 of my new peers.

“What is it Epsi?” taunted a faceless voice.
My heart began to race.
“Are you worried?”
my hands were growing clammy
“Do you belong here?”
I began to close my eyes and think of Ford. I began to think of his grand son. I began to think of that pill.
“SOMA” I exclaimed.
A young gamma came up to me. She was much smaller than me and asked me to bend down. She began to whisper “everything is going to be alright” and handed me her last soma. I quickly took it, but Before I could thank her I realized she was gone.
I waited for everything to calm down. I waited for everything to be okay. I knew that everything was going to be okay. The crowd around me started to disperse and go on with their day. It was a perfect day.
“You don’t belong here”
I was standing alone
“It wont work anymore”
I began to worry
“You are not a Gamma”
I covered my ears to try to block the voices. They kept coming back “James will be an Espi forever” mocking me. I closed my eyes and thought of Ford, I thought of the model T. To no avail. They began to multiply.

“You are not the same” “You have been perfected” “Smile” “You are not a gamma” “Smile”
They were mocking me: A low level Gamma. I collapsed on the ground and closed my eyes. Looking up at the ceiling I could see the girls face, the one who had given me the soma as she bent over me. I looked up at her and she said “Smile, everything will be alright”

The next few weeks are a blur to me. I was put into a room by myself for Epsilons who had graduated to Gamma level, or the “Divergent Chamber” I was kept on watch with a bottle of soma, a mirror, a bed and a television. Every morning I would wake up to Master Ford. Every night I would fall asleep dreaming of the model T. But everytime I would close my eyes a chorus of nagging voices began their awful symphony.
“Let’s put a smile on”

I took as much soma as I could to stop the voices. After the third bottle I realized that I couldn’t feel it anymore. That it wasn’t strong enough for me. I told the Beta who was watching me. She told me that this was to be expected.

“Everything will be okay/ Let’s put a smile on”

I began to stop feeling most things. I only began to feel terror. I was anticipating the voices at all moments of the day. The only tether I had to reality was the mirror.

One day. While the beta was changing my bed sheets the voices came back with a vengeance. “Smile, darling” “Everything will be alright” the beta had his mechanical instruments in the corner. “Take it james.” I looked closer at it and could see the glint of a small blade. “Smile” I stood up. The beta became confused. I started to walk over to the corner. He grabbed my arm.

I froze. I didn’t feel the terror anymore. I felt the beta. HE felt my terror. I smiled.

“Everything is going to be okay, let’s put a smile on that face”

I checked my smile in the mirror and left the room. Leaving a vacancy in both the Beta and the Gamma levels

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