Links I encountered

I usually try to write a post at least twice a month. However, lately I’ve been swamped with new learning materials that completely absorb me (I like telling myself so!). I think it is fair to say I’m addicted to novelty. To cut to the chase, I’ve been learning lots of machine learning and data mining techniques of late. I’m a Stats guy by education, so it’s only fair to be drawn to the fields. To mediate, I’ve decided to post insightful links I encounter when I’m not writing blog posts. I’ll try to not abuse this idea and actually write actual insightful posts when I have time.

The Passion Gospel – I’m far from experienced but this article (read: post) made me feel like a veteran. Are you a noobie programmer? Are you desperately trying to get into the industry? Do you want to know what it’s like? Please read this. Just make sure you don’t come out of it a cynic!
PS: Go read up on several of his posts. To say he’s a brilliant writer would be an understatement.

GitHub Isn’t Your Resume – GitHub has slowly massaged itself into the modern developer’s toolkit. No LinkedIn recruiter will listen to you without a GitHub account. You have a website? Better have a link to your GitHub on it (guilty!)! I love open source. As a matter of fact, I owe it most, if not all, of my programming knowledge. However, don’t make it mandatory. After all, you’re removing it’s fuel (i.e. people deriving pleasure from helping others without any strings attached).

I know the two articles are somewhat negative but I’d like to think of them as reality checks. For positive news, click here