SeaHawks and Tanzania


One of the most bizarre things I’ve encountered this week was the new obsession of Tanzania that has taken over in Seattle, particularly the sports franchises in the city. According to several Seahawk’s fans I’ve talked to this week, ever since they put up the banners in one end zone at the CenturyLink field, Seahawks haven’t lost a single home game while scoring more touchdowns at the ‘Tanzania’ endzone. Their home record this season was flawless. Fans have been taking Tanzanian flags to games while some taking them to sports bars. I’m not so sure how I feel about this.

Seattle Sounders haven’t been poor themselves. It was a couple of years back when Mrisho Ngassa, well known Tanzanian player, had a trial at Sounders and even featured in a game against Man Utd. He never broke into the team and moved back to Tanzania but he was the first player from the Tanzanian Premier League to move to MLS. I’m not sure how deep the co-operation between the league and Sounders works but as far as I know, they have some sort of link between the two. It was surprising enough for an MLS team to pick up a relatively not-so-well known player outside Tanzania without such a program existing (although he’d held trials unsuccessfully at West Ham too).

*I wrote this about 2/3 weeks ago and never knew what I was trying to say. After Seattle were knocked out today, I thought I might as well publish it before I decide to erase it forever. Tough luck Seahawks. I understand how it feels considering the match at Old Trafford we witnessed today.