Links I’ve encountered #5

It has been a while since I last posted on the site. I have been busy with moving plans and holding onto several gigs at a time.

From Callback to Future -> Functor -> Monad – Documenting the movement from callback based JS on towards a more Future based setup employing functional programming techniques.

JavaScript Journey – A very interesting repo that takes on solving one JS problem in as many different ways as possible. From simple procedural loops all the way to reactive and even asm.js. Full blog post about it

Why mixins are harmful – I have only ever employed mixins when composing objects for passing state around. However, I would not advise on their usage in OOP style especially in prototypal JS. Raganwald goes farther in exploring how you can avoid certain caveats when using mixins, especially with ES6 modules.

Before the Drama

Best post about the recent IO.js fork for node. I’m surprised how low key the fork has happened with everyone being pretty understanding.


I am going to comment on the recent node fork. Soon. I am not happy about it. I also don’t think it’s bad. I’ve been involved in the conversations with most sides since May and am in a unique position being (probably) the only “guy in the middle” that I think I can provide a perspective that is more complete than most. However, before I do that I would like to defuse the drama.

Given my position at Walmart and the fact that I knew a fork is highly likely for half a year, you can imagine I had a few internal conversations about node and its future inside and outside of Walmart. A large(st) enterprise has to ensure its investments are durable and sound. I shared the situation with my senior management and the message I delivered to them is the same one I am going to deliver…

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